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Tatutina and the
Surrounding Islands

The 120-mile long island chain in the northwestern Bahamas, comprised of Abaco, Little Abaco, and several smaller cays, is collectively referred to as “The Abacos”.  This relaxed and family friendly destination is a favorite of boaters, fishermen, and lovers of all water sports.  

With just under 100 miles of sheltered waterway known as the Sea of Abaco, The Abacos have long been known as the boating capital of the Bahamas, a place where one can enjoy pristine beaches, discover bountiful reefs and explore the surrounding cays and barrier islands.

Villa Tatutina, located in Marsh Harbour, Abaco Island, has returned to its 5-star US standards following Hurricane Dorian’s landfall on September 1, 2019.  Many of the surrounding out-islands sustained less impact from the hurricane as compared to Marsh Harbour.  Although some destinations and tourist attractions are still undergoing reconstruction and repairs, the unspoiled beauty of the area remains, the boating and fishing opportunities are robust, and the chance to experience a vacation of a lifetime beckons. 

Within five miles of the exclusive and private Villa Tatutina property, one will find themselves at the center of some of the best fishing grounds in the world.  Whether chasing elusive bonefish across the shallow, crystal clear sand flats or wrestling enormous marlin offshore, the waters of Abaco offer a diversity of highly coveted game fish.  Anglers can choose from a wide range of professional fishing charters, helmed by expert skippers who know just where to find the fish or head out and explore the limitless possibilities with their own crew.

The commercial hub and capital of The Abacos is right here in Marsh Harbour, which offers a number of restaurants and several local night spots where one can enjoy live music and entertainment. There are a variety of local shops, grocery stores, and supermarkets, as well as banking, medical services and more.  For those looking to explore the many settlements of the main land from Sandy Point in the south to Crown Haven in the north, rental cars are available as are rental boats.

About the Abacos

Many of the villages in the surrounding area still reflect the New England characteristics of their 1800s settlers, dating back to a time when fishing, wooden boat building, and wrecking, (salvaging damaging ships) became the mainstays of the local economy.

As one travels through the surrounding settlements, the beautifully restored cottages, churches and historic museums seem almost untouched by time, taking travelers on a journey to the past dating back to when the first Loyalist settlers arrived from the United States in 1783.

These fascinating settlements and cays are easily accessible by ferry or you can charter one of the Villa Tatutina boats and spend the day exploring at your leisure.  The cays in the surrounding area include Elbow, where Hope Town is located, Man-O-War, Scotland, Great Guana, Green Turtle, Spanish, Lubbers, Mattlowe’s and Grand Cay, which was once a favorite retreat of former U.S. President Richard Nixon. The cays boast a number of restaurants, bars, art galleries, and of course beaches. Each cay offers their own unique experience.

While visiting the cays, a few of the stops you may want to visit include the Albert Lowe museum on Green Turtle Cay, a restored 150 year-old mansion that houses exhibits on local history, and, a trip to the landmark candy-striped lighthouse at Elbow Cay is a must for any visitor as it is one of the last operational kerosene-fueled lighthouses in the world!  One can witness first-hand the craftsmanship of boatbuilding and the making of canvas goods on Man-O-War Cay, a tradition that has been passed down for centuries.  Please note that some visitor attractions may be undergoing continued repairs and reconstruction post-Hurricane Dorian. 

Those looking to explore natural wonders above and below the water should set out for Pelican Cay National Park, an underwater preserve, or the Abaco National Park, a 20,000-acre site that’s south of Marsh Harbour settlement that encompasses the nesting area and habitat of the Abaco Parrot.

Local Flavor

Dine at a variety of restaurants on-island or take a boat ride to discover others nearby!

Events & Activities

Many local fishing tournaments and other local events are held throughout the year. 

Nearby Beaches

For those who love the sand and surf, local beaches are the perfect spot.